‘The World of the Married’

The World of the MarriedThe World of the Married

An amazing drama with high perfection in script, director, actor. As the story progresses, the quality of the drama increases. Many dramas often disappoint the audience as the story progresses. However, this one has a strong beginning and the story gets even more intriguing thanks to the high-quality script that connects all stories from the start naturally.There is an appreciation for the drama (the show) that the quality of work is almost as equal as that of Breaking Bad. Let’s say Breaking Bad scores 100 out of 100. The World of the Married would score 90 out of 100 showing its near perfection. We can see the reasonably realistic ending of the show. Furthermore, there is an overall lesson about married couples throughout the drama(the show). It’s an amazing show (drama) that captures both fun and lessons.  Where to Watch Netflix

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