Who is Lee Min Ho’s girlfriend in 2021?

Lee Min Ho is one of the world’s most popular Korean Actors. That’s why people are very curious about who Lee Min Ho’s girlfriend is.

In this article, we are going to find out who his girlfriend is.

First, let’s check his past scandal.


1.Jang Danji

Surprisingly, his first partner in the scandal is a VJ who worked under the nickname Jang Danji. It is a scandal that drew a lot of attention with a photo that suddenly appeared in 2012.

Who is Lee Min Ho's girlfriend in 2021?
Lee Min Ho & Jand Dan Ji

At the time when Lee Min Ho was working as a magazine model when he was unknown, Lee Min Ho was a bit old-fashioned, but he was showing his presence with his tall height and charisma. In the magazine photos, he and Jang Dan Ji were photographed as a couple, but Lee Min Ho denied this. His agency emphasized that the rumors about his relationship with Jang Danji are “groundless”, saying that they are only sorry to those who were expecting a romantic relationship with just a photo published in a magazine.

Were they really dating?

Lee Min Ho & Jang Danji
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