Song Joong Ki girlfriend is lawyer? Rumor is still hot and popular.

Song Joong Ki girlfriend is lawyer?

Attention is focusing on the background of rumors about the relationship between actor Song Joong-ki and a female lawyer.

Song Joong Ki girlfriend is lawyer?
Song Joon Ki and his laywer girlfriend in rumor

Song Joong-ki’s girlfriend in the rumor is a lawyer from a well-known law firm in Korea and she is also divorced from her marriage like Song Joong Ki.

Song Joong Ki girlfriend is lawyer?
Song Joon ki girlfriend in rumor

Rumors of this romantic relationship were started from a Korean TV show. In addition to it, Kim Yong-ho, a famous entertainment reporter, broadcasted this issue on his YouTube channel.

<Kim Yong Ho Youtube Channel>

This ‘Song Joong Ki girlfriend is lawyer’ rumor has some unusual facts than previous ones. Rumors usually begin to circulate in the stock market before it is released to the media, but the rumor of Song Joong-ki’s relationship have circulated in the legal field first. Another unusual thing is that the stars’ dating rumors usually spread first and then the agency responds to the rumor. But in this case, the agency’s denying response was released ahead of the rumor. Very Strange. Song Joong-ki’s agency said they would take legal action against the rumor.


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