Son Ye jin’s sneakers in Crash Landing on You

Let’s take a look at the information on the sneakers in Son Ye Jin’s fashion.Son Ye jin's sneakers in Crash Landing on YouSon Ye jin's sneakers in Crash Landing on You

This is an eye catching girlish look! She coordinated the cardigan and the layered clothes inside, and tied her hair to the sides to look pure. Did you see the Son Ye Jin’s sneakers? It makes you look taller and skinny thanks to the height of the shoe.

  Son Ye jin's sneakers in Crash Landing on YouMaybe because it’s white, I don’t think there’s a coordinator that doesn’t look good on with. Pants, short skirts, and long skirts are all very daily items that look good together. Son Ye jin's sneakers in Crash Landing on YouThen let’s look at the information of Son Ye Jin’s sneakers. The attractive white shoes are called ‘Leah’ from a brand called “Rachel Cox”. Natural tone outsole looks very pretty, also a good item for short girls because it has some heels.The price is ₩168,000.

If you want to buy this sneakers, you can get it from this link(Rachel Cox Leah sneakers).


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