Son Ye Jin’s Coat in Crash Landing on You, Maxmara

Son Ye Jin’s coat fashion is so pretty!  
It was Maxmara Labbro!  After Son Ye Jin came back to South Korea, they’re definitely showing more luxurious fashion. The overall atmosphere such as clothes and bags is luxurious.  Son Ye Jin matched a muffler on her coat. So pretty!  This feminine coat, the color is also pretty. It looked comfortable and luxurious like Son Ye-jin. Son Ye Jin’s coat will look pretty on top of a dress as well as pants, and will look good on formal seats!  Son Ye Jin’s coat was “Maxmara”. 
Maxmara Labbro Cashmere Coat
In Crash landing on You, Son Ye Jin’s coat is “Labbro Cashmere Coat,” one of Maxmara’s key coats. It is the product that many domestic and foreign celebrities wear. It’s a semi-flare silhouette so it’s a good item to create a feminine atmosphereAnd one of the reasons I like Maxmara Coat is because of its material. Zibellinato technique, which forms Maxmara’s unique texture, is applied to add 100% cashmere luxury. There was a reason why the texture of the coat was luxurious on the screen.  The price is $4,398.  

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