Son Ye Jin one-piece in Crash Landing on You episode1

Son Ye Jin one-piece silhouette drew attention in the episode 1 of Crash Landing on You. 

Balmain Short iridescent black knit dress

It was so perfect with Son Ye Jin. The waist line was fixed from the backso the mini dress seemed to make the body line perfect!
Then let’s find about this perfect Son Ye Jin one-piece.

Balmain Short iridescent black knit dress

Son Ye Jin’s dresswhich had been a hot topic since the first episodewas aBalmain” knit mini dressIt is a dress woven with black and silver yarn. It increased brand identity with unique texture details and sleeves signature button details.

The V-neck and shoulder pads can take care of beautiful neck lines and slim body lines at the same time, making the dress perfect for the year-end look this winter.

The price is  1.690,00.


“GIAMBATTISTA VALLI” Floral-embroidered Chantilly-lace dress

Son Ye-jin wore a romantic emotional “GIAMBATTISTA VALLI” Floral-embroidered Chantilly-lace dress in the scene. It has elaborately embroidered sparkling stems and flower motifs on the Chanti lace to emphasize elegance! It’s a dress designed with flying cape-style sleeves falling naturally over the body and adding a light silk crepe slip.

“GIAMBATTISTA VALLI” Floral-embroidered Chantilly-lace dress

The price is £1,562.



If you want to buy Balmain one-piece, you can get it from this link(Balmain Short iridescent black knit dress).

If you want to buy GIAMBATTISTA VALLI one-piece, you can get it from this link(GIAMBATTISTA VALLI Floral-embroidered Chantilly-lace dress).


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