Seo Ji Hye’s bag in ‘Crash landing on you’, Delvaux Brillant

Seo Ji Hye’s bag in Crash Landing on You was Delvaux Brillant. Seo Ji Hye matched the white Delvaux Brillant mini bag to add splendor to the classic two-piece styling. The scene was when she went to find a new house dreaming of her honeymoon with Hyun Bin. Maybe because it’s winter, the colors of the clothes were all dark, but with the addition of a clean and bright white mini bag, the overall look was very feminine! 
Crash landing on you Seo Ji Hye bag was a tote bag and ‘Brillant’ of Belgian luxury brand “Delvaux”. The Delvaux bag ‘Brillant’ completed her luxurious look!  ‘Brillant’, the most symbolic design icon representing the brand, has a unique buckle in the center of the bag. The buckle is said to be an iconic design detail that symbolizes the alphabet ‘D’ of Delvaux. Delvaux bag, Brilliant appeared in other color once again. This time, it showed a more calm and chic look. Navy colored mini bag matched to dark long outer. It is also  ‘Brillant’ bag. The reason why it usually appears in the Seo Ji Hye’s bag fashion is her role, but I think it goes well with the atmosphere she exudes.   The price is €3900.

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