Park So Dam’s carrier looks absolutely sexy in ‘Record of Youth’

In this scene, So Dam Park and Bo Gum Park are returning to their house after they drunk in the dramaRecord of Youth“. Park So Dam’s carrier is used for carrying live streaming equipment by Jung Ha Ahn, and it really catches eyes in scene where they are walking together drunk in the night. 

Park So Dam's Carrier
Park So Dam’s Carrier


This carrier, which appeared as a Park So-dam bag, is carrier model called TOIIS released by Samsonite Red.

The biggest feature for this carrier is the customizable design, and you can replace the logo plate as well as the wheel cap or handle with any color you want.  

Since Hye-jun Sa has been holding a lot more since he was drunk, we can seen that the carrier also suits well with a neat yet casual set up suit. 

If you want to buy this carrier, check out the link below.


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