Park So Dam’s cardigan in ‘Record of Youth’

Park So Dam's cardigan in 'Record of Youth'

Park So Dam’s cardigan stands out in the 13th episode of the ‘Record of Youth’. The color was blue, very noticeable.

It was the brand “LUCKYCHOUETTE”.Park So Dam's cardigan in 'Record of Youth'

LUCKYCHOUETTE Heart Hole Stitch Cardigan

Park So Dam’s cardigan that completed her outfit in the 13th episode of “Record of Youth” was added a sense of see-through with heart-shaped knitting. It used a high-crepe cotton thread.

Park So Dam's cardigan in 'Record of Youth'

It seems to be a daily cardigan that is good to match various clothes such as casual style or dress. Since the color itself is the point, the model matched the pants in white color to complete the fashion that gave the point with the cardigan!

The price is 348,000won.

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