Park Bo Gum cross Bag in Record of Youth

Park Bo Gum cross bag with a beige jacket and pants in a neat suit looked so good. It was just the girl’s favorite boyfriend look. Park Bo Gum is very fit, so he looks good in any clothes, but he looks the best in the suit.

The only thing that stood out in the Park Bo Gum fashion was the Park Bo Gum cross bag! It is “Ami” ‘box bag’. Park Bo Gum dressed in a formal look and the bags were mixed and matched with a casual cross bag, so it looked more stylish. It is also attractive that the “AMI” signature logo fits naturally so that it doesn’t pop out!

Large Ami De Coeur box bag

This is the Park Bo Gum “AMI” box bag. It is a box bag with a proper size and a neat silhouette that enhances its charm. The silhouette that falls on the body is also modern and pretty. It is a simple design, but it allows you to enjoy the one-point effect without any hesitation. The storage space is small enough to hold simple belongings, so you can carry them around lightly.

The price is $542.00.

If you want to buy this bag, check out link below


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