LOONA Hyunjin, dating a composer 21 years older than her!

After 6 years of debut, after winning ‘Queendom 2’, the red light lit once again for LOOΠΔ, who had been doing well. One of their members, Hyunjin, is suspected of dating.

Loona Hyunjin

Hyunjin is in a relationship with composer Park Sang-jun (Aflow), who is 21 years older than her. Park Sang-jun was a member of the group ‘Smax’ in the past and is currently working as a rapper and composer.

Park Sang-jun

Various online communities speculated that the relationship between the two began with Loona member Choi Ri. Choi Ri, who had previously featured in Park Sang-jun’s song in 2020, connected the two.

After that, Park Sang-jun publicly supported LOOΠΔ, who made a comeback with ‘Why Not’ in October 2020. He supported the members by mentioning them one by one through his Instagram.

The ID, presumed to be Hyunjin’s private account, tagged Park Sang-joon’s account in a cat video and left a comment saying “ㅠ”. In the video, the cat appeared to be doing so-called ‘knuckle’. Seeing this, Sang-Jun Park replied, “Are you going to do it for me later?”

Also, when Park Sang-joon posted a picture of him eating Choco Pie, the ID left a jealous comment saying, “You’re mine. Eat Choco Pie only with me.” Park Sang-joon replied, “Of course” full of affection.

Park Sang-jun eating Choco Pie

When Park Sang-joon was tagged in a post with a ‘couple ring’ post by ID estimated to be Hyunjin, he commented, “Oh, this one is a bit different too~~^^”. Since his debut, Hyunjin wore two rings on her hand, but from this point on, there were also claims that she wore only one silver ring. In particular, the fans explained that they had been wearing it for over a year, saying that it seems to be a ‘couple ring’.

Is this even a coincidence? Park Sang-jun posted this on his personal Twitter when Loona became a hot topic for non-payment of settlement. “The company doesn’t give money to the members and employees. I can’t understand why LOONA has to suffer from financial difficulties, why each member has hundreds of millions of debts, and why the staff’s money is not paid. Why? The company has to explain everything. Lastly, I also didn’t get paid lol.”

Their instagram chat

Loona’s agency said,…


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