Lee Seung GI and Lee Da In is in Love

Lee Seung GI and Lee Da In is in Love

Singer and actor Lee Seung Gi and actor Lee Da In fell in love. Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In have been dating since the end of last year.
Two were caught meeting Lee Seung Gi’s grandmother in Sokcho city in Korea last year. Not only the grandmother, but the family members of both families met togather. Introducing each other to both families and meeting grandparents living in Sokcho seems to be enough to stir up the marriage rumor.

Lee Seung GI and Lee Da In is in Love
Lee Seung Gi getting into his car
Lee Da In getting into Lee Seung Gi’s car
Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In in Car
Lee Seung Gi’s Grandmother

They got closer through golf. In the Korean drama industry, many people already knew that they were dating. Lee Seung Gi is said to have enjoyed a date with Lee Da In on day when there is no schedule for the tvN drama “Mouse”.

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Lee Seung Gi was born in 1987 and debuted as a singer in 2004 by releasing the album “Moth’s Dream”. Since then, he has been starring in numerous dramas and movies. He is also active in various entertainment programs and is gaining popularity as an all-round entertainer.

Lee Da In was born in 1992 and is also the daughter of famous Korean actress Gyun Mi Ri. She debuted in the web drama “Twenty Years Old” in 2014, and has established herself as an actress by appearing in various dramas.

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