GOT7 Youngjae is dating Lovey? Is it real?

Youngjae & Lovey

‘GOT7’ Youngjae is dating singer Lovey.

The news media ‘Wikitree’ reported that ‘GOT7’ Youngjae has been in a relationship with singer Lovey for a year.

It was confirmed that Youngjae invited Lovey to the ‘GOT7 Homecoming 2022 Fan-Con’, which was held from May 21 to 22. Lovey attended on the 22nd. This fan-con was a concert where ‘GOT7’ met fans as a whole team after about 17 months since the contract with JYP Entertainment ended.


Not only this. Youngjae also worked with his girlfriend Lovey on the song ‘Drive Me to the Moon’ of the mini album ‘GOT7’, which was released in May. Youngjae (Ars) and Lovey (LOVEY) stand side by side in writing the lyrics. Lovey posted her album cover on her own social media account, leaving a message of support for her boyfriend.

Conversely, …

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