Seo Ji Hye hairpin in Crash Landing on You

Today, I brought the information about Seo Ji Hye hair pin that she wore in the Crash Landing on You episode 4.
In fact, this photo was the first meeting between Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin. It was Son Ye Jin who took the picture. Goosebumps!!!

Kylie hairpin_gold(Crash Landing on You, ep11 )

Seo Ji Hye hair pin so pretty!
It was ‘Kylie Hairpin’ of the brand “KATENKELLY”.

Kylie hairpin_black(Crash Landing on You, ep8 )

The hairpin Seo Ji Hye wore is a crystal hairpin designed with a slim line! 

Gold / silver / black

There are three colors!  

The price is ₩15,000.


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